JUlian PAce & JAy SKillet no longer with wXw / Shotgun 2020 release suspended

In light of wXw Wrestling Academy students stepping forward Julian Pace and Jay Skillet will no longer be part of wXw and the wXw Wrestling Academy. 

We have six more episodes of wXw Shotgun 2020 filmed and produced. Both wrestlers have (bigger) roles during the series, one of them is part of three more matches and of the main storyline. We cannot feature either of them with a good conscience anymore.

We thus will be suspending the weekly release of the upcoming episodes of Shotgun effective immediately. We will edit all episodes accordingly and take out any segments/matches involving either of wrestlers. 

All remaining six episodes of Shotgun will be released in shorter, edited form in July. New release dates will be decided on once we have had time to digest this situation.