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In light of recent developments regarding the wXw Wrestling Academy

Late yesterday evening we learned about a former wXw Wrestling Academy member sharing sickening experiences of sexual harrassment from Academy coaches. These refer to two former coaches who have been let go years ago. While those coaches have been released and we aren't working with them in any form, we take this beyond seriously. 

We feel that while they have been released, they should have been released earlier. Further than that, that should never have happened. For legal reasons we are unable to put names in this statement. If you've followed wXw and the Academy you likely have a very good guess who they are. Neither of these wrestlers have been in a wXw ring since 2017 or 2018. They are still being booked around Germany/Europe. We encourage fellow promotions to reach out to us and we will give you those names, so you won't give these people a platform and expose your roster, staff and fans to them.

We have also been made aware of accusations of bullying and of current coaches either neglecting their care for students or abusing their position. We are currently investigating on those issues and are waiting for email responses, for phone conversations and face to face meetings with the persons being harmed. These matters will be dealt with in a timely fashion and the coaches failing our students will be held accountable.

Our statement regarding wXw from Saturday morning remains valid. Two areas we will be focusing on is (i) enabling people being wronged to step forward so we learn of those issues as early as possible and (ii) establishing transparency regarding them inside the company. Both ourselves and Robert have been caught completely off-guard by the allegations regarding the wXw Wrestling Academy. We cannot tolerate this happening right under our nose - we need information to be transparent and available inside the company.

Felix & Tassilo

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