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Short interview with FUminori ABe after wXw 16 Carat Gold 2023

Short interview with “BATI-BATI” FUminori ABe after the final day of wXw 16 Carat Gold 2023

Questions by Hiro Watanabe

Q: Congratulations on winning the Ambition 14 tournament! How do you feel?

ABE “I have known the Ambition tournament soon after I debuted as a wrestler 8 years ago. Wrestlers I respect such as Muneki SAWA and HIKARU Sato participated in this tournament in the past. I knew Ambition before 16 Carat, so to me winning Ambition 14 is the same big achievement like winning 16 Carat”

Q: During wXw 16 Carat Gold you have received continuous cheers and support from the German fans.

ABE “I was in the 6 men tag with amazing, great luchadores on the final day. Receiving standing ovations and the fact that the crowd was throwing money into the ring – that was fantastic. You don’t experience such things in Japan. I love the crowd in Germany so much.”

Q: “Bati-Bati” shoot style is becoming well respected by wXw fans, how do you feel about that?

ABE “I feel so delighted. I want to spread Bati-Bati to all over the world, seriously. I promise to continue to do this.”Zurück zur Übersicht