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wXw We Love Wrestling Wildcard Edition at 16 Carat Gold 2024

ATTN: All wrestlers & promotions
wXw We Love Wrestling - Wildcard Edition

Four years ago during wXw World Tag Team Festival we ran a wildcard edition of AMBITION and asked wrestlers from all over the world to apply for the opportunity to perform at a wXw festival. We received some great applications, including:
- Daniel Makabe who participated in 16 Carat Gold 2020 afterwards
- Rust Taylor who joined our wXw Wrestling Academy coaching staff, went on tour with wXw and got picked up by WWE, ROH and NJPW Strong since
- A-Kid who later won the NXT UK Heritage Cup and is now a big part of NXT
- Dominic Garrini who participated in World Tag Team Festival the same year and again in 2022
- James Runyan who has traveled to Germany to coach at the wXw Wrestling Academy multiple times since then

In 2022 we offered another opportunity at the We love Wrestling Event during World Tag Team Festival with standout such as:
- Thomas Shire who participated in Ambition during the 16 Carat Gold Tournament in 2023
- Jaden Newman who made his return less then half a year later during the 16 Carat Gold Tournament
- LJ Cleary who returned at wXw FAN the following year

These wildcard projects are a great way to be seen by a wide audience and to get a foot into the door at wXw. For the first time we will be opening the 16 Carat Gold Stage for this special event. March 9th we will open 16 Carat Gold Saturday with the We love Wrestling Wildcard Edition. And this time it opens to everybody, any style, singles or tag team - even if you want to apply as a promotion to present a match. We will have a look at everybody! On top of that three wrestlers will be chosen to face off against premier wXw wrestlers on this event.

We are open to pro wrestlers & promotions worldwide. You will need to arrange for your own travel to Oberhausen, Germany. For wrestlers traveling internationally we will provide hotel rooms. We will also happily invite you to all days of wXw 16 Carat Gold 2024.

Please send an application including promo pictures, a c.v. and links to streaming videos of your matches to Our staff will select the best wrestlers for this event.

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