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Short interview by Hiro Watanabe with the Astronauts

  1. You competed against the Renegades in a World Tag Team Festival (WTTF) second-round match. Your thoughts, please.

Abe: Great satisfaction as we delivered an all-Japanese fight to the wXw fans here in Germany. But I don’t consider Irie as Japanese. He is a Gaikokujin (foreigner) pretending to be Japanese. An Astronauts vs. Renegades match couldn't ever happen in Japan due to some of us being part of different promotions. But after our match here, we shall face each other again in Japan.

Nomura: This is my first time abroad, and I truly felt at home thanks to the passionate wXw fans. I am so disappointed that we failed to advance to the finals, but I felt a special bond with the audience and I am so delighted that the wXw fans felt the same way too.


  1. Are there differences between audiences in Japan and Germany?

Abe: The energy and voice level of the German fans are tremendous. I believe that the way they express their emotions might be a bit different. Fans in Germany are much more direct, while Japanese fans tend to be a little more laid-back, observing details quietly. I respect both approaches.


  1. Your first fights outside of Japan as Astronauts are now in the books. Do you want to compete abroad again as Astronauts?

Abe: Absolutely, yes. Initially, I didn't want to travel abroad unless it was for wXw, but after our match with the Second Gear Crew (1 Called Manders and Mance Warner) in the first round of WTTF, my perspective has completely changed. They are an incredibly resilient tag team with stamina, technique, power, and, most importantly, resilience. I want to face them again, anywhere, perhaps in their home soil in the USA, in front of their home fans. We want to determine which team possesses more resilience. wXw WTTF is probably the greatest tag team tournament that showcases the best of what Europe, North America, and Japan have to offer, and I'm grateful to wXw for inviting the Astronauts to be a part of it

Nomura: I wholeheartedly agree with my partner, Abe. A rematch against the Second Gear Crew is now on my wishlist. Abe and I against Manders and Mance, anywhere, please. We are committed to fighting indefinitely and finding out whose heart will be the first to give out.


  1. Message to wXw and the fans, please.

Nomura: WTTF was such an amazing weekend, and I hope to return in front of wXw fans again. Among the wXw roster, the Astronauts only faced Aigle (Blanc) and Mike D, who aren't even formal tag partners, but their impressive physical strength and teamwork were incredible. It has motivated me to want to compete against every other wXw tag team as well.

Abe: Just as wXw and the fans warmly welcome Japanese wrestlers every time, I, too, extend a warm welcome to both wXw wrestlers and fans when they come to Japan. We all share the same passion, and the Astronauts are excited to continue this journey with all of you.

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