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Interview with BEAST MODE SHigehiro IRie by Dan Mallmann

Q: 16 Carat Gold was a great weekend for you. How do you feel after all these matches?

IRIE “Winning 16 Carat Gold was my dream since I became a freelance in 2018. It was my main goal ever since and accomplishing this goal is so fulfilling and I am over the moon.”

Q: So we had household names holding the wXw Unified World Wrestling Championship, for example Walter and Daisuke Sekimoto. How is it for you being one of the Japanese winning this title?

IRIE “I feel a huge responsibility to see myself on such a great list of champions. I have to continue to work hard to represent this title.”

Q: Everybody saw you work hard against AXEMAN Axel Tischer in the final of 16 Carat. Do you have any words for your opponent?

IRIE “Axel was in WWE and he has very high wrestling skills and he can also adapt to the Japanese style as he wrestled in Japan before. He was a very tough opponent and I was honored to face him in the final.”

Q: You have been to Germany and Europe many times. You traveled all the way from Japan and you feel so much love by the crowd here. Everybody loves you.

IRIE “I am still overwhelmed that the fans supported me all the way to the final, and I love the wXw fans, the German fans, the European fans, every crowd. I truly appreciate if they are also fond of me.”

Q: You had a lot of great matches during the weekend against a lot of strong men. There are many great wrestlers in 16 Carat. If you can pick one wrestler you didn’t face but who you would like to fight against who would it be?

IRIE “(after a long pause), I want to fight against Ahura once again who I faced in semi-final. For other 16 Carat entrants, I would like to fight against Masha (Slamovich) only because she beat Abe, my Kouhai (my junior friend) in a first round match.”

Q: Who was the first person you wanted to call in Japan after your 16 Carat win and after becoming the new wXw Unified World Wrestling Champion?

IRIE “I called my parents in Osaka and talked to my mother and father about this. They were also so delighted.”

Q: When you go back to your home country, how would you describe your experience in Germany?

IRIE “This weekend was the very best moment in my life so far, my dreams came true and it will remain unforgettable for the rest of my life. The 16 Carat Trophy and the wXw Unified World Wrestling Championship mean everything to me.”

Q: So what do you think about “Jägermeister” (German herbs liquor)?

IRIE “(after some wrestlers insisted that Shige has to drink some, Shige drunk one shot although he doesn’t drink alcohol). No more….”

Q: After receiving the 16 Carat Trophy and Championship, you had tears in your eyes. Was it tears of joy or the pressure released from your shoulder?

IRIE “Both, yes both.”

Q: We saw a great four-way dance tonight to find out who is going to be the new contender. Mike D, the Belgium War Machine, won the four-way dance and he became #1 contender for your title. What do you think about Mike D and are you looking forward to fight him?

IRIE “Not only Mike D. As I am proud to be the winner of 16 Carat Gold 2023, I refuse to surrender and I fight against every opponent everywhere and I am determined to win.”

Q: You sound already like a fighting champion and I thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for your achievement and this nice conversation and interview.

IRIE ”Last but not least, I appreciate everybody involved in Professional Wrestling. Fans, staff, promoters, their families and friends and we are supporting each other across the border and all around the world.

I will keep on moving forward with the wXw title around my waste, Danke schön!”Zurück zur Übersicht