How do I receive my tickets?
If you have purchased tickets via Eventbrite, you own mobile tickets. Show them on your smart phone and you're in.
If you have purchased hard tickets via Eventim or the old wXw Shop, walk up to the front door and present your ticket.

May I stay inside the venue in between the events?
After every event the venue(s) will be cleared and we'll re-open doors with a queue starting outside the venue. Due to the experiences made in the past years, we have professional security staff overseeing this procedure.

Am I allowed to bring bags, food and drinks to the venues? 
Outside food and beverages are not permitted. Said security will check all bags, so let's please make this as smooth as possible by not bringing large bags with a ton of stuff. The coatroom is not available due to parallel events at Turbinenhalle 1. You will not be able to place jackets and/or bags underneath the ring.

May I leave and re-enter the venue?
All tickets are valid to enter the venue once per event. There is a smoking area inside the venue, there also are snacks for purchase during the evening events. Once you have left the venue, you won't be permitted back in with the same ticket.

I have an urgent last minute question...
Our staff will be highly busy Thursday to Monday during the festival weekend. We won't be able to provide our regular customer service, won't be at the office to pick up the phone and won't answer emails. Our social media staff will be available around the clock and they should be able to help our with most things. However, the shop staff will not be available - the social media team is not able to access Eventbrite, check your orders or answer merch-related questions. Should there be a problem with your tickets, please try to clear them until Wednesday before the festival weekend. During said weekend our crew will help you out at the door.

Where do I get tickets?
All tickets are available at They are cheaper than they are at the door. Also, you do not risk walking up to a sold-out event without tickets. Inner Circle won't have tickets at the door. After show party might not have tickets at the door.

Where do I find the merch tables?
All merch tables and vendor tables are across the room from the main entrance.

Where is the standing room area at?
Standing room areas will be marked on the floor. Please stay inside those areas and keep emergency exits and areas needed for either the production or the viewing experience of other fans open. Balcony access is not available for standing room tickets, the three balcony areas are exclusive to media center, our production and VIPs.

How does the 6 EUR payment to the venue work?
Turbinenhalle requires a minimum drink purchase of 6 EUR per evening event (Night 1, Night 2, Night 3). They sell you vouchers right after you have entered the building. Those vouchers are valid on this night only.

Where are the other events at?
wXw Wrestling Academy is in Essen, near the train station Essen Zollverein Nord Bf. It's a 5 mins walk from there. There is a train going there from Oberhausen Central every hour. wXw Wrestling Academy is available on Google Maps.
Knippis Bowling is a 10 mins walk from the venue. You've guessed right - Google Maps.
After Show Party entrance is located at Steffy parking lot. To get to Steffy, just circle all the way around the building clock-wise until the very final door.

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