16 Carat Gold 2020 FAQ

How do I receive my tickets?
If you have purchased tickets via Eventbrite, you own mobile tickets. Show them on your smart phone and you're in.
If you have purchased hard tickets via Eventim, walk up to the front door and present your ticket.

May I stay inside the venue in between the events?
After every event the venue(s) will be cleared and we'll re-open doors with a queue starting outside the venue. Due to the experiences made in the past years, we have professional security staff overseeing this procedure.

How is your policy regarding bags? Are there lockers?
Security will check all bags, so let's please make this as smooth as possible by not bringing large bags with a ton of stuff. We suggest to limit bags to A4 size as security might turn bigger bags away. There is limited capacity at the coatroom (straight ahead from the entrance) and you will not be able to place jackets and/or bags underneath the ring.

May I leave and re-enter the venue?
All tickets are valid to enter the venue once per event. There is a smoking area inside the venue, there also are snacks for purchase during the evening events. Once you have left the venue, you won't be permitted back in with the same ticket.

I have an urgent last minute question...
Our staff will be highly busy Thursday to Monday during the festival weekend. We won't be able to provide our regular customer service, won't be at the office to pick up the phone and won't answer emails. Our social media staff will be available 18 hours per day and they should be able to help our with most things. However, the shop staff will not be available - the social media team is not able to access the wXw shop/Eventbrite, check your orders or answer merch-related questions. Should there be a problem with your tickets, please try to clear them until Wednesday before the festival weekend. During said weekend our crew will help you out at the door.

Where do I get tickets?
All tickets for non-sold-out are available at They are cheaper than they are at the door. Also, you do not risk walking up to a sold-out event without tickets.

Where do I find the merch tables?
All merch tables and vendor tables are at the fan zone which is located in the T-Club. Walk straight ahead from the entrance and take the last possible left before entering the coat room. All merch items are sold by SL-Wrestling and by the wrestlers. We are unable to answer questions regarding this.

Will there be food and drinks?
For events at Turbinenhalle no outside food or beverages are permitted. There will be a full bar service for all events. There will be food catered by Turbinenhalle for the three evening events.

Where is the standing room area at?
Standing room areas will be marked on the floor. Please stay inside those areas and keep emergency exits and areas needed for either the production or the viewing experience of other fans open.

How do I access the standing room balcony?
Standing room balcony is a sold-out category for the evening shows. If you have purchased a ticket for thid, check in at the designated register on Friday. You will receive ONE wristband and you need to put this on. With this wristband you will be able to access the standing room balcony on all three evening events. If your wristband breaks over the weekend, please bring the broken wristband and your ticket ID to the front desk to exchange it. Without the broken wristband we are unable to hand out a new one.

What is included in VIP tickets?
VIP area is a separate balcony area open during the three evening events. There is a separate entrance with less waiting time. Inside the VIP area there's a bar where all drinks are included during the evening show. VIP is NOT necessarily a seating ticket, let alone a front row balcony seating ticket.
VIP Diamond Packages include a reserved seat in the first four rows for all three matinee events.
VIPs will receive a wristband on Friday. With this wristband only you will be able to enter the VIP area and use the VIP bar during all three evening events. If your wristband breaks over the weekend, please bring the broken wristband and your ticket ID to the front desk to exchange it. Without the broken wristband we are unable to hand out a new one.

How does the 6 EUR payment to the venue work?
Turbinenhalle requires a minimum drink purchase of 6 EUR per evening event (Night 1, Night 2, Night 3). They sell you vouchers right after you have entered the building. Those vouchers are valid on this night only.

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