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FAQ about wXw World Tag Team Festival 2024

Which events and which tickets are available?
At the World Tag Team Festival there are a total of eight events from wXw and GCW. Here we have an overview for you.
There are individual tickets for each event. For Friday to Sunday there are also Festival Passes and Tournament Passes, which give you access to all the events.
Tickets are available at Eventim.

How do Festival Passes work?
Festival Passes give you access to (almost) all events from Friday to Sunday. You show your ticket and exchange it for a festival wristband for the weekend.  This will give you access to all events without further ticket checks. Please also have a look at the paragraph How do I get my admission wristband.
Only Long. Live. GCW. on Friday evening is not included in the Festival Pass.

How do Tournament Passes work?
Tournament Passes get you into the evening shows of wXw (Night 1 to 3) Friday to Sunday. You show your ticket at the entrance and exchange it for a Tournament Pass for the weekend.  This will get you into all events without further ticket checks. Please also have a look at the paragraph How do I get my admission wristband?

What is included in the VIP Festival Passes?
For the three wXw evening events (Night 1 to 3) you have a seat on the VIP balcony (opposite the main entrance). For the three evening events (Night 1-3), all drinks at the VIP bar are included in the price. As a rule, the Turbinenhalle offers soft drinks and beer. At the matinee events we reserve seats for the VIPs in rows 2 & 3 marked "VIP".
You will receive a special VIP Festival wristband with which you have access to the VIP bar and access to the VIP balcony. Please also see the paragraph How do I get my admission wristband.

How do I get my wristband?
The wristbands are required for Festival Passes and Tournament Passes and will save you up to seven ticket checks. You can get your wristbands at two places:
(1) At Inner Circle. There is an extra corner behind the entrance where you can pick up your wristband on Thursday and save yourself a lot of queuing.
(2) At the box office. Weather permitting, we will set up a small pick-up stand in front of the box office.
We ask you to pick up your wristband as early as possible and to use the Inner Circle to save waiting time at the entrance.

My admission wristband is broken. What do I do now?
This can happen. Please come with your ticket and the broken admission ticket to the entrance of the next event. An exchange during the event is not possible.

I don't want to have an admission band. Is it possible without one?
No, out of consideration for the waiting time of the other fans. Each ticket (including festival/tournament passes) can only be validated once, after that the wristband is your ticket.

Where and how does Inner Circle take place?
Inner Circle takes place at the wXw Wrestling Academy. It is located in Alma Park, a ten-minute walk from Gelsenkirchen main station. The car park of the Alma Park (which has been paid for since a few weeks) is directly in front of the door. Please use the main entrance of the Fight Club Gelsenkirchen. We have a bar with drinks on site.

Can I still get tickets?
Tickets for all events are available at Eventim while they last.
Individual contingents are sold out.
Tickets are available at Eventim until two hours before the event. We also offer a box office for last-minute bookings. Only cash payment is possible at our box office.

Can I pass on my ticket?
Tickets are not personalised and may be passed on.
As all Festival/Tournament Passes are exchanged for wristbands, it is not possible to share a ticket and attend events alternately.

What do I do if I lose my ticket before WTTF?
Ticketing is handled entirely by CTS Eventim. Please call their hotline. We cannot help you directly.

Can fans stay in the hall between events?
As we do technical rehearsals (also with music/videos) between the events and partly rebuild the hall, this will not be possible. With the wristbands, it will be possible to re-enter immediately after opening.
After each event, the hall will be cleared immediately so that preparations can begin for the next admission. The wrestlers from these events will then be available again in the merch area at the next admission. We ask for your consideration that we also have to clear the hall immediately after Night 1 to enable GCW to start the event halfway on time.

Is there an event calendar online?
Of course there is. All dates and announcements are updated daily at events.wXw-wrestling.com.

I can't be there live - when can I watch the World Tag Team Festival?
The wXw events will appear first on wXwNOW 2.0. wXwNOW 2.0 is the channel membership on our YouTube channel and can be accessed at join.wXwNOW.de.
For announcements regarding a release on the WWE Network, please refer to WWE's official channels.
The GCW events are running on FITE.