We are hiring: Lead Video Department 24 Jan 2022, 13:50:00

wXw is Germany's biggest wrestling promotion and is comprised of three companies. wXw Europe GmbH has been running 60-80 live events per year pre-pandemic. wXw Wrestling Academy UG hosts the biggest wrestling school in Germany. wXw NOW GmbH produces video content for wXwNOW, WWE Network, NBC Peacock and various social media channels. All companies are run remotely in a modern work-from-home environment.

wXw NOW GmbH is hiring a
starting April 1st, 2022.

We are looking for someone with deep pro wrestling video experience and a strong technical background in video editing. Both are non-negotiable qualities for this position, without either it cannot be filled.

In detail:

- Advanced skillset in Adobe Premiere Pro. If advanced knowledge was available in another editing software and not Premiere Pro, workflows would have to be established on your own. It would be possible, but would make things more difficult.

- Advanced camera knowledge

- Basic knowledge in Adobe After Effects and Adobe Photoshop

- Capable of working independently and self-motivated. Per company we do not micro-manage leadership positions and will not tell anyone how, when and where to work. We expect the pre-agreed results to be delivered on time every time.

- Strong storytelling and editing skills

- Excellent communicator and team player. Running a decentralized department of up to ten freelance editors & camera crew requires both.

- Good organizational skills

- Able to work under pressure and tight deadlines. Finished VoDs are expected very shortly after live events at times, post production is a time crunch.

- Willingness to move to the Essen/Gelsenkirchen area. While you would mainly work from home, some of the tasks require your presence at our office / studio.

- Fluent in English. Understanding and/or speaking German does help. It is not a requirement for this position, yet learning German over time would be.

- A proven track record of video editing work in pro wrestling.

There are VERY few fulltime positions in wrestling. We provide a highly dynamic working environment with a ton of freedom. This is as far away from your typical 9-5 job as possible. 

Please send complete applications to info at wXw - wrestling . com by February 3rd of 2022.