Travel Guide

If you travel by car, Google Maps will help you out perfectly to get directions. Our venue is called Turbinenhalle Oberhausen. It is located at 'Im Lipperfeld 23, 46047 Oberhausen'. There is a huge parking lot right in front of the building that is available for free.
If you want to fly to Oberhausen, the airport to be recommended is Düsseldorf International. Watch out, there also is an airport called Düsseldorf Weeze. This is a different airport. 

If you choose Düsseldorf International, it is very easy to get to Oberhausen. Düsseldorf International is connected to the train service in Germany and only a 20 minute non-stop trip to Oberhausen Main Station. Trains drive very regularly. Check http://www.bahn.de for directions from 'Düsseldorf Flughafen' to 'Oberhausen Hauptbahnhof'. The homepage has an English version. The train ticket from Düsseldorf International to Oberhausen Main Station is around 5€.
Ryanair operates Düsseldorf Weeze. If you choose it, the only reasonably priced way to get away from the airport is a shuttle bus that drives regularly to Duisburg, a city very close to Oberhausen. The bus stops at the main station in Duisburg. The bus schedule is published here: you need to make a reservation for your shuttle by emailing order@airport-weeze-shuttle.de. A roundtrip ticket is 30€. From there it is an eight minute trip by train to get to Oberhausen. Again, check out  http://www.bahn.de for directions from Duisburg. 
The way from Oberhausen Main Station to Turbinenhalle is very easy. A cab ride is around 7€, the walk would be 20 minutes and busses drive every five minutes to the 'Feuerwache' stop that is next to Turbinenhalle. Those busses depart from track 6 at the Oberhausen bus station which is right in front of the train station.

Hotel Guide

As for hotels, we recommend booking 
B&B **, 
Haus Union *** or 
NH ** , 
depending on how comfortable or affordable you like it.
Haus Union is a three minute walk to the Turbinenhalle. If you mention Westside Xtreme Wrestling, you are going to receive a better rate. They have a great breakfast buffet for only 5€ which you definitely should check out. They also have a bar that serves until 2 or 3 a.m. depending on the day.
B&B is directly at the CentrO Mall which offers great opportunities to spend time before and after the events. There are loads of shop as well as food and bar options. The Three-Sixty sportsbar  is located at the CentrO Mall and is home to various wXw Q&A sessions and after-show parties at both 16 Carat Gold and the World Triangle League. Their specialty is a hot-stone grill where you can barbecue your dish at your own table. 
NH is located close to Oberhausen main station.
Turbinenhalle can be reached from B&B and NH in less than fifteen minutes on foot.